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American Fitness Wholesalers Midwest LLC has been distributing sports nutrition since 2002 throughout Texas. AFW specializes in functional beverages and specialty nutrition. AFW has the experience and leadership in choosing the right vendor to suit the customers' needs.  AFW is a family run business with over 20 years of experience. 


At AFW, we cherish the relationship between us and our customers, and continue to strive for customer excellence. Let us help grow your business and thank you for choosing AFW. 





Tory Suddarth is the Customer Specialist. Tory receives orders from customers and makes sure the products you order are correct and delivered on time. Tory is the daughter of Troy and Stephanie. Tory is a graduate of Plano East Senior High. She now attends UT Dallas where she played soccer as a Freshman. Tory is studying Business Management and hopes to continue a career in the Health & Fitness Industry.



Charles Rogers is an intellectual property attorney that specializes in QR code compliance in the CBD industry. Companies looking for intellectual and legal guidance on product compliance can contact Mr. Rogers directly.



Troy Suddarth is the Principle member of American Fitness Wholesalers Midwest (AFW). AFW specialized in functional beverages, distributing American Bodybuilding drinks throughout Texas. Troy acquired AFW from his business partner John Hoffman in 2004. AFW has since grown to serve small retailers, c-Stores, grocery stores and large liquor chains.

Troy is a graduate of Texas Tech University. Troy served as a secondary science teacher before getting into the Sports Nutrition Industry. He owns and operates the City Blends Flagship retail store in Dallas, Texas.  Troy has consulted in the opening of over 300 juice bars nationwide. He is now the owner of the Fit House Café Franchise. Troy attended the 1st CBD University conference hosted by Global Widget in Florida. AFW serves as a Master Distributor for Global Widget aka Hemp Bomb. Troy has a vast knowledge of CBD laws and manufacturing regulations. With over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, Troy’s 

knowledge and expertise help him better serve his customers in choosing the right products to help guarantee success.

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